Ardyss Power Start Compensation Plan

At Ardyss, our mission is to “Reshape the World,” not only physically, but also financially.

Ardyss believes in creating wealth today and to maintain this wealth for future generations. To accomplish this, we have created a lucrative Compensation Plan with ten (10) different ways to get paid.

The Ardyss Compensation Plan contains three different and distinct concepts: First: A solid retail earning program. Second: An attractive bonus structure plan that rewards those who build an organization. Third: A strong residual income for the future.

Our 10 Ways Compensation Plan:

  1. Retail Earnings
  2. Business Builder Pack Bonus
  3. Membership Fast Start Bonus
  4. Personally Enrolled Retail Commission
  5. Unilevel Bonus
  6. Generational Bonus
  7. Car Bonus
  8. Maintenance Rank Bonus
  9. Matching Rank Bonus
  10. Power Start Bonus

In addition to our compensation plan, Ardyss provides a multitude of business incentives including, but not limited to: travel, training, recognition, and many personal development programs to help our distributors become a part of a truly life changing opportunity.

Join us, and help us, “Reshape the World…”

Ardyss does NOT guarantee any level of income or earnings to any distributor. Earnings from the Ardyss Compensation Plan solely depend on a distributor’s ability to sell Ardyss products and each distributor’s skill, ability, and personal application towards the growth of their business.