Ardyss Tummy Slimmers

These waist-cinching garments offer compression that visually slims the stomach. They may feature extra structure for additional support. Keep your curves and redefine your waistline with Ardyss Corset Golden. Uniquely designed to whittle your waist away and give you a beautiful waist instantly by straightening your torso and back to an upright position.

Wonderfully designed for the working woman is the Corselette Deluxe. This garment helps support your lower back by encouraging good posture as well as providing support to the bust area.

Reduce your waist and burn fat effortlessly with the Ardyss Slim Shaper Waist Slimming Corset. It is ideal for busy women who are looking for a more defined waistline and back support. If you are looking for something for everyday wear that is lightweight, breathable material that stimulates the fat burning process and toning of your tummy, then Ardyss Abdo Woman is the perfect fit.