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Ardyss’ reshaping garments were designed with superior quality and materials by our team consisting of an orthopaedic surgeon, a textile engineer, as well as expert designers and tailors, to help create garments that improve individual’s overall health and wellbeing. We implemented orthopaedic principles to fine lingerie. During development we avoid using iron ribs and rigid pieces that could be hard and annoying. And instead, replace those with items with bands and materials with elasticity. As a result, our garments deliver amazing benefits and comfort. Look and feel slimmer; Improve your posture; Support your back; Lift your buttocks.

Our high quality reshaping garments are designed to contour and transform your figure while supporting your spine and improving the appearance of your posture. Instantly look 2-3 sizes slimmer and feel you self-confidence grow.


  • Ardyss Pure Noni

    Ardyss Pure Noni Juice

  • Ardyss Coral Calcium

    Ardyss Coral Calcium Dietary Supplement

  • Ardyss Sweet Balance Coffee

    Ardyss Sweet Balance Coffee

  • Ardyss Green 29

    Ardyss Green 29 General Nutrition Supplement


Revive your body from the inside-out with our cutting-edge nutritional products. Our complete line of nutritional products provide a vast array of antioxidants, multivitamins, fat burners, regenerators, energisers, and digestive products that will revitalise you. Ardyss nutritional are the perfect complement to a healthy diet and exercise routine.


  • Ardyss Trimming Gel With Herbal Extracts

    Ardyss Trimming Gel with Herbal Extracts & Theophylline


Affordable high-end skin care. Bring out the best in your skin, naturally. Armida Signature Collection by Ardyss is an exclusive collection of products with Anti-Aging formulas, antioxidant enriched, no harsh chemicals. This exclusive collection is designed to rejuvenate your skin, naturally. Our proprietary formulas enriched with antioxidants, invigorate your skin with vitamins and minerals essential to its protection. Antioxidants limit free radicals, which may damage the skin and cause premature aging. Nourish, soothe and pamper yourself daily without harsh chemicals for younger and healthier skin with our anti-aging skin care products.